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April 22:  Kimber Leigh - "The WOW Factor Breaks Free!" 
with music by Brian Nakasone & Katherine Fraser

April 29:  Genevieve Brunet - "Wholeness & Centering using Gurdjieff Movements"
with music by Marie Claire
Afternoon Workshop

May 6:  Alfredo Gormezano

June 24: Dawn Barnett - Summer Solstice Ceremony & Drumming Journey

July 29: Kumu Keala Ching

September 23: Dawn Barnett - Fall Equinox Ceremony & Drumming Journey

October 28: Kumu Keala Ching

December 16: Dawn Barnett - Winter Solstice Ceremony & Drumming Journey

December 30: Kumu Keala Ching 

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The Wow Factor Breaks Free !"
Presented By Kimber Leigh
with music by Brian Nakasone & Katherine Fraser
Sunday, April 22, 2018
10 am
.You will want to hear this incredible story of heartbreak to redemption! How one woman
found her way back to love, and a new life by using her own formula from The Wow Factor!
Hear how Founder and Creator of this program, Kimber Leigh, changed her own reality 
in 2017…You will want a seat up close and personal for this years, all new Wow Factor!
Learn how to unsee your current reality by gaining control over your present situation. Wear those “Rose Colored Glasses” as you open doors that No Man Can Shut.
 If you want to “jump start” your own “Wow Factor” now, and significantly increase your love life, personal life and business life, then meet the expert, Kimber Leigh !
​"Wholeness & Centering using Gurdjieff Movements"
Presented by Genevieve Brunet
with music by Marie Claire
Sunday, April 29, 2018
10 am
Potluck Sunday and afternoon workshop
​How do we maintain Presence to ourselves when we receive all the impressions from the outer world, from people around us, from situations that happen? We are constantly flooded by impressions and ‘shocks’ and we easily find ourselves re-acting to it. Can we become more silent inside ourselves, moving and acting from a place of unity, observing the world in a different way? In daily life we often times act and move from separate centers: either from our body, our emotions or from our mind. Rarely all these centers work together at the same time. The teachings of mr. Gurdjieff are also called the fourth way, that means being present and acting from all our centers together, in a new presence, moving in a different way. The Gurdjieff movements, also called ‘sacred dances’ were collected by the Armenian mystic G.I. Gurdjieff (1877-1949) as a means of self-observation and self-study. They help us to become aware of and eventually change the way we move and act in daily life. We wish to experience ourselves as a more integrated complete being, to move and act from this ‘sense of the whole’, with one eye in and one eye out. Engaging in the Gurdjieff movements means saying yes to a process of a deeper exploration into ourselves, through the alchemy of movement, music and dance. The movements are designed to balance the different sources of energy within us, creating harmony between our body, mind and emotional being. This may result in a new sense of inner rhythm, a unique inner centering, relaxed alertness, natural silence and grace which leads to a higher level of consciousness and presence. Join Geneviève Brunet in an experience of where these teachings resonate in you. Which place in you is being touched by a small glimpse of the Work of mr. Gurdjieff? You will experience yourself in this alchemy of movement and music. What does it address in you? Which energy is being felt? Geneviève has been studying the Gurdjieff movements for the past 10 years. She has been following retreats with 3 different teachers worldwide, mainly in
India. ‘Coincidently’ Geneviève came on the path of the Work of G.I. Gurdjieff and she has been inspired ever since. Each year she spends a few weeks in a Gurdjieff seminar, practicing and experiencing the movements in a different way, going deeper into different parts in herself. Geneviève has been teaching the movements for several years in the Netherlands, before she moved to Hawaii 2 years ago. Besides teaching the movements Geneviève is also Craniosacral therapist (Licensed Massage Therapist) and Mindfulness trainer. For more information about Gurdjieff movements or sessions: or