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January 21: Nancy Rosenfeld Daly - "Leaping into the Unknown" with music by Joe Conti
Afternoon Workshop

January 28: Sheila Gallien - "Creating From The I AM Presence" 
with music by Brian Nakasone & Jean Love
Gourmet Potluck Luncheon follows Service

February 4: Annual Meeting/New Members/Voting

February 11: Dr. Hank Wesselman with music by Uma Ojeda

February 17: All day workshop

February 18: Tom Catton - "The Awakening of our Spirit" with music by Lara Printz

February 25: Matthew Bueno - "My Sacred relationship with Spiritual Guides and Ancestors" with music by Devora Kalma

March 4: 

March 11: Nancy Shipley Rubin

March 18: Dawn Barnett

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January 21, 2018
10 am
Leaping into the Unknown:
An Ancient Tribal Wisdom Map Illuminates the Path to Higher Self

presented by Nancy Rosenfeld Daly with music by Joe Conti

Have you experienced taking a leap into the unknown - “going for it” - yet not knowing what is next or what the outcome will be? Why is that leap required on a path to higher Self and what transforms in the process?

National speaker, renowned facilitator to leadership teams, and author, Nancy Rosenfeld Daly, shares her story of taking a leap of faith, from a mainstream executive and consultant for senior teams in Washington, DC, to a more fulfilled and freer spirit providing tools and guidance in the process of taking a leap towards your authentic higher Self.

After years of intensive work focusing on facilitating change for national leadership teams, Nancy was burned-out and paused her career in 2000, resulting in a leap into the unknown for what could be next. Transformational change occurred. In 2003, Nancy was gifted an ancient tribal wisdom map that completely explained her recent experience and the Path to highest Self, applicable to tribes, organizations, and individuals. Nancy will illuminate where this required leap into the unknown occurs on the tribal wisdom map and explore why taking one step can change the entire journey from a mind and energy connection perspective. Join us Sunday morning, 1/21, to receive from the ancient sand drawing and illuminate the next step on your Path!

Note: Receive a copy of the wisdom map at the afternoon workshop and explore the entire tribal sand drawing to reveal stages required in evolving on your higher authentic Path. Nancy will also be available following the morning and afternoon programs for a personal book signing of her three books. Free excerpts are at

Nancy Rosenfeld Daly is a national speaker, author of multiple books, and facilitator for private workshops and leadership teams to help mobilize positive change using creative and skilled resources. She is a former Chief Financial Officer and consultant in Washington, DC, with clients including national think tanks, associations, DoD, universities, and private corporations. Nancy's path has led her to study and merge neuroscience, human behavior, ancient tribal wisdom, and implementation strategy, to live with authenticity and positive personal power to reach higher goals and higher Self.

Facebook page: "Unleash Your Inner Wisdom and Personal Power”.
Free book excerpts, client list, and more details at
Book titles:
A Path to Higher Self: Ancient Tribal Wisdom Shows the Way
A Left-Brain Thinker on a Right-Brain Journey
Finding Joy Amidst the Chaos

January 28, 2018
 "Creating From The I AM Presence: Building A Bridge From Your Divine Calling To Your Everyday Life"
 presented by Sheila Gallien 
with music by Brian Nakasone & Davina Mar
Gourmet Potluck Luncheon follows Service

The new energies flooding onto the planet and into our consciousness have created in many the desire to live a life of higher purpose. Many are searching for a vocation, or at least a modality, to express this purpose, but feel like they just can’t crack it. Sheila’s message is that if you feel the stirring, you are already awakened. Your gifts are at your fingertips, ready to be expressed, with no career revamp, geological move, or pilgrimage.
In this talk, Sheila will share her own journey of how she discovered her role as a divine messenger, and her surprising activation as a channel, all while she created spreadsheets and led sales meetings in her every day life. She will channel live the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe, a loving and funny collective consciousness that gives practical instructions on how to ascend to a 5D multidimensional consciousness while living in a complicated world. They may even ask for questions.

Sheila Gallien is a writer, surfer, working mom, and newly minted “channel.” Although a lifelong seeker, her professional career has been more mainstream, with positions in the entertainment industry, hospitality, and even manufacturing. It was during her quest to develop a spiritually based coaching program for writers, while working a job she thought was ‘just to pay the bills,” that she was abruptly derailed and activated as a channel. Her channeled book, Bridging Ascension: Questions and Answers for the Surprised Ascender, came in bite-size pieces, flooding in during her meditations before her morning LA commute. She experienced profound downloads about ascension, multiple dimensions, light bodies, and other wild stuff. But the most powerful message was one of integration: the way there, is through here. No skipping! She recognized that divine consciousness can be activated anywhere. In fact, we are often of higher service in the “real world.” She kept the job, but moved back to Hawaii, where she has just begun to share her message in person. She posts weekly channelings and writings on her blog at and is a contributing author for Thrive Global and Vunela.

BRIDGING ASCENSION: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FOR THE SURPRISED ASCENDER is a playful and loving guidebook for the believer or non-believer about the ascension of the planet from a 3D consciousness to 5D and beyond. The format of questions and answers delivers fun, a little out there, and also totally practical guidance about the changing energies of our planet, our bodies, and our choices. The Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe, beings of unspeakable love and light, have a message for you. We are building a superhighway of the heart, we are awakening to our multi-dimensional natures, our gifts are being activated, and we are in for the ride of our lives. Leaf through this simple book, then try it yourself! Your gifts are your gateway to the new consciousness. Access to your own wisdom is the gateway to your gifts. Love is the way, and you are your own guide!

At the heart of it all, peace lives.

February 18, 2018
10 am
"The Awakening of our Spirit"
presented by Tom Catton
with music by 

I will talk about my personal experience with the practice of meditation. My practice spans 50 plus years, I will touch on the many benefits of meditation. When mentioning meditation some people go right to the enlightenment experience, many give up in their efforts feeling they are not progressing. I will talk about how meditation can be one of the best stress releases we can use. I have found that meditation isn't about sitting and doing nothing, it's about sitting and doing nothing else. I will talk about my practice of mindfulness, mindfulness comes from the Sanskrit word sati, which means basic awareness and the word smirti, meaning to come back to awareness when the mind starts to stray. Simply it all means Pay attention to what is. I will show how we all can receive personal guidance in our daily lives, using many examples that have manifested in my life. If we can't be happy now, then when. I have learned to find peace in the middle of horrific challenges, by simply being present. What I have found is that life has a way of interrupting... presenting even the most contented among us with momentous surprises, our meditation practice is how we move through life's many challenges. With daily practice we begin to see how life has a way of coming together and falling apart.

In recovery since October 20, 1971
Author of The Mindful Addict: A Memoir of the Awakening of a Spirit, released October 2010
Author of May I Sit With You: A Simple Approach to Meditation, released Spring of 2015
Speaks yearly at 12-Step conventions; attended by audiences of 300 to 10,000  
Leads a Buddhist Recovery meditation meeting twice a month since 2008
Trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction MBSR
Attends meditation retreats yearly, ranging from day-longs to ten-day, and has been the coordinator for several
Sits on the advisory board for The Buddhist Recovery Network
Trained in Tibetan Singing Bowl therapy
contact him at:

Sunday, February 25, 2018
10 am
My Sacred relationship with Spiritual Guides and Ancestors
Presented by Matthew Bueno
Meet Matthew Bueno from Mount Shasta CA. 
Matthew has a sacred relationship with his Guides that began to work with him at the young age of 5.
He will be sharing stories, spiritual experiences, and Native American Sacred Songs taught to him by his Elders of the Lakota and Karuk Nations. Matthew will share a gentle Channeled meditation by his guides to help those who attend to release any conflicts in the Body, Mind, and spirit.
 Matthew Bueno is a Sun dancer and Pipe carrier of the Lakota Nation. 
 A Metaphysical Instructor, a Massage Therapist, and a Spiritual Counselor for more than 25 years he has been teaching Metaphysics since the early 90’s and have made numerous discoveries with his Guides to create healing for individuals who are seeking intimate connection to their guides and the God of their understanding. 
Helping people realize their own potential and become teachers themselves is his main objective. It is in this knowledge of spiritual awakenings that our children will be drawn into self-discoveries through these Role models and learn to Heal the Earth. 
Matthew has helped many people who are on the healing path from the beginner stage to the very Elite, to walk in their own beauty and discover their own spiritual talents unknown to themselves. Today he still teachings online and in his sacred Space in Mount Shasta CA. 
 It is with this passion that he continues to pass down the teachings of his guides and Elders to others who seek this way of life.
Matthew Lightning Bear