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May 26:  Dreaming Bear - "Moving from the Known to the Unknown" with sound healing by Dreaming Bear

June 2:  Andrea Pro -  "Loving Me, Loving You"   with music by Davina Mar & Brian Nakasone

June 9:  Alison Yahna - with music by Laurie Kallis

June 16:  Craig Villarrubia - with music by Uma Ojeda

June 23: Dawn Barnett - "Summer Solstice Celebration and Drumming Circle"

June 30: Shira Hunt - "The Incredible Journey of A Frequency Catalyst" with music by Vibodha

July 7: Kumu Keala Ching - "He koho nō ia!"

July 14:  Davina Mar

July 21:  Ana Jones

July 28: 

August 25: Manuel Roberto - Janmastami

September 1:  Swami Om - Special Dances of Universal Peace - with music by Jamill

September 15:  New Thought Birthday Celebration
September 22: Dawn Barnett - "Fall Equinox Celebration and Drumming Circle"
September 29:  Kumu Keala Ching - "Wahi Pana"
October 4:  Kimber Leigh
October 27:  Dreaming Bear
November 3:  Janeen Marie
December 8:  Tree Trimming & Decoration Party
December 15:  Mahalia Michael
December 22: Dawn Barnett - "Winter Solstice Celebration and Drumming Circle"
Decemer 29:  Kumu Keala Ching - "Wai - Wailua"
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Sunday, May 26, 2019
10 am
"Moving from the Known to the Unknown"
Presented by Dr. DreamingBear
with music by Dr. DreamingBear
Gourmet potluck luncheon follows
Moving from the Known to the Unknown: Nature's Poet Laureate & Tongue of Trees Dr. DreamingBear comes out of the forest & invites you to join us in a magical sound healing ceremony! A sacred sound bath followed by a mystical message of what it means effectively move from the known to the unknown. Our world is changing, we are simultaneously facing humanity's greatest challenges & on the verge of our most fantastic achievements, this confluence of tipping points has a spiritual parallel. Dr. DreamingBear will expound on the new expansion taking place, & offer insights on how to best release old patterns preventing us from moving forward. Imagine the most beautiful possible version of yourself, & what it would mean if you were to enact this aspect of your highest self. Dr. DreamingBear's magical Hang Drum instrument will open sacred spaces & allow something new to inhabit your being, a sense of total inspiration to do what you are born to do! Leave the world fo the mundane behind & come experience enchantment emerging from within. 
I am the voice of the cosmos & I am the voice of nature, 
the ecstasy of stars is with me, the birth pangs of Earth are with me. 
The first I convert into new consciousness, for the latter... I become the tongue of trees. 

Dr. DreamingBear