New Thought Center of Hawai`i

A Sanctuary of Aloha for the nourishment, development, and evolution of each individual's unique spiritual path.
Weaving a Lei of Love 
Sunday morning from 9 to 9:30 is a pre-service healing meditation with a variety of offerings each week including, but not limited to, crystal bowls, flute, didgeridoo. There is also Frankincense anointing and white sage for smudge ceremony.

Join us to experience the healing tones of the bowls as they resonate throughout your body balancing your Chakras.

Written prayer requests for healing are available just prior to the meditation using the New Thought Center of Hawai'i's God Can.

Please arrive early as the doors get locked promptly at 9 AM. Donations and Love Offerings are greatly appreciated and remember, the more we give the more we receive so please give generously.
Sunday @ 9 AM - 9:30 AM
Pre-Service Healing Meditation
Musical offering from Babaji Bob Kindler
 "Adoration (of the Divine Couple)"
Weekly Events
Sunday 9 am - Healing Meditation
Thursdays 6 pm - Kona Loving Groups​
Mondays Gentle Yoga - Evolutionary Flow, 5:00- 6:30 PM
Monthly Events
Universal Dances of Peace
(Second Sunday)
Gourmet Community Potluck
(Last Sunday)
Details below
Dances of Universal Peace
Free Event
October 9, 2016

6-8 pm
People worldwide yearning for Unity have found in the Dances of Universal Peace a renewing and inspiring spiritual practice that brings us face to face with Life and Truth, beyond concepts and beliefs.

Moving in the moment while singing sacred phrases, mantras and poetry of the myriad of spiritual traditions that grace the Earth. The dances open us to remembrance of the natural human state -- unguarded, authentic and free. They continue to be, (as the originator, Samuel Lewis envisioned) “a way to generate life-energy and the peace that passes all understanding.”

For more info: Swami Om 808 323-3344

FREE                                                Donations Welcome

Kona Loving Groups
Thursdays 6 - 8 pm in the Honua Room.
Cost: Love Offering/Donation

If you want to more happiness and peace in your life and a safe place to practice universal principles, attend Kona Loving Groups on THURSDAYS from 6-8PM in the Honua Room. All adults are welcome to attend any of our meetings. We are friends practicing giving and receiving unconditional love, while learning simple ways to improve all relationships. No prior experience or level of participation is required.

The host is trained in facilitating the group based on Unconditionally Loving principles. Loving Groups are now in Boulder/Denver (CO), Bowling Green (KY), Dallas & Houston (TX), Kona (HI), Phoenix (AZ), San Diego (CA) and St. Louis (MO) and offer free conference calls every day of the week.

Suggested love offering is $3 - $5, which goes to the New Thought Center of Hawaii

 For more info, visit www.loving-groups or call 808-938-8452
 5:00- 6:30 PM
Where: New Thought Center - 81-6587 Mamalahoa Hwy, C302, Pualani Terrace 
Drop-in: $15 - Multi-class memberships: 3 class/$40
Beautiful Light-Filled Space overlooking Kealakekua Bay
Glow with the Gentle Flow!

Yoga Flow classes in the evolutionary style are meditations in motion. Steady, rhythmic practices help us cultivate the full spectrum of insights available in the core of the body and in each facet of Yoga.

The Tree of Yoga has eight limbs that range from the foundations of ethics and daily practices to the joys of movement, meditation, and creativity in the state of Soul to Oversoul alignment.

Please join us in the steady flow of integration, healing and inspiration! Bring mats and closed water bottles. All levels welcome. We may use props, keeping the postures a little more tailored to the individual. Bring yours if you have them. Some equipment available. Big smiles always welcome!

Marya Mann, Ph. D., is a Wellness Activist, a Yoga Teacher, an Artist, Dancer, Writer, Motivator, Educator and Risk-Taker. With more than 1000 hours of yoga training including Ashtanga Yoga, yoga therapeutics, restorative yoga and mindfulness meditation, Marya believes that yoga is an art and science for anyone on a path of embodied spiritual wisdom.

She studied yoga with Richard Freeman, Shiva Rea, Mukunda Stiles and B. K. S. Iyengar before research and practice in India, Indonesia, Australia, and the Mainland. Co-author of Healing Our Planet, Healing Selves, she writes about yoga, health and the arts for West Hawaii Today and has penned a blog, The Brave New Viewsletter, for nine years. Her work has been published in Huffington Post, YogaUOnline, Elephant Journal, New Light on Consciousness, and Ke Ola Magazine. The founder of Kona Coast Wellness, where she has a clinical consulting practice, she is also the co-founder of Feed the Children Kona and currently the Director of Pacific ArtWavEs Nourish the Children.

Specializing in yoga for all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities, Marya is a leading voice in the Evolution of Yoga, Diversity and Inclusion Movements. She is writing a book on yoga, soul recovery and relationship repair, entitled Quantum Leap Creativity.

Find our more and reach out to her at
with Lehua Lopez
1:00 PM to 2:30 PM $15/per person

Like other indigenous peoples, Hawaiians have many stories of supernatural beings and unearthly encounters. Ms. Lopez will be telling stories about the different kinds of Hawaiian spirits and unseen beings (including Hawaiian night marchers) who populate the narratives that have come down to us through the generations.

This will also be an opportunity to share your stories of your own close encounters in Hawai`i.

Lehua Lopez, a native Hawaiian cultural anthropologist, has been researching Hawaiian culture for more than 40 years. Born and raised in Hawai`i, Ms. Lopez studied and danced the hula for more than 20 years and has taught keiki and adult classes in Hawaiian culture for more than 30 years. She is a gifted presenter and delights her audiences with mesmerizing stories and complex insights. Contact Lehua Lopez at 929-9891 for more information. 
A “Walking Workshop” Through the Forests at Kilauea
With Stories by Lehua Lopez
9:30 AM to 4:30 PM $75/per person
​Why did Hawaiians of old form relationships with forests and their denizens? Can we know trees and vines as gods, or friends, or even enemies? What do Hawaiian stories tell us about what we see (or not see), hear (or not hear), feel (or not feel) in the forest? Can the wisdom in Hawaiian forests help us cope with what is happening in our lives and on our island?

Take a walk with Lehua Lopez as she tells stories about Pele and Her family in special places at Kilauea Volcano.
--This day-long workshop is limited to 8 participants. Register and pay on the NTCH website.
--Lunch is BYO (Bring Your Own) and water, cups, and napkins will be provided.
--Meet Lehua at the Visitor’s Center at Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park. Be sure to call her at 929-9891 to let her know you have registered for this workshop and to receive more information.
--Wear walking shoes, long pants, a jacket and bring a water bottle. Be prepared to walk up to a mile (easy hikes).
--If this workshop fills to capacity it will be repeated on January 14, 2017.

Lehua Lopez, a native Hawaiian cultural anthropologist, has been researching Hawaiian culture for more than 40 years. Born and raised in Hawai`i, Ms. Lopez studied and danced the hula for more than 20 years and has taught keiki and adult classes in Hawaiian culture for more than 30 years. She is a gifted presenter and delights her audiences with mesmerizing stories and complex insights. Contact Lehua Lopez at 929-9891 for more information. 

 Registration required
Save The Date evening with the Beatles
A FUNdraiser for New Thought Center of Hawaii
Saturday, October 22, 2016, 5-9 pm
Admission: $20 ($15 if you come in costume, or purchase ticket in advance)
M.C. Randyl Rupar

LIVE Music: Joe Conti & Binti Bailey of the Lava Rocks Band

Food: pupus & sweet treats

Activities, entertainment: dancing, singing, opportunities for imaginative self-expression, contests & door prizes

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Saturday, November 5, 1—4 pm Seminar
Awaken your inner mystery with this somatic exploration into the heart of yoga, where you feel the deep warmth of your Soul, restore your Prana, the lifeforce, and re-story your joy by listening to the lessons of stress, pain, and unhappiness rather than shoving them away. We’ll explore how Tapas, the discipline of raising the inner heat, engages organic movements that burn away karma, toxins, and negativity while bathing your energy field in showers of love and natural creative intelligence.

With a light-hearted passion, Marya will share the teaching story of the Three Wisdom Fires, visualizations from the Vajrayana tradition for health and prosperity, and ways to nurture yogic ardor on a daily basis. In the seminar, we’ll raise the wisdom fire to restore and reset your body’s “bio-computer.” Feeling at home and empowered in the body, we are at home in the world with all the vitality needed to embody joy, peace, and compassion. All levels are welcome!

Pre-registration required! Please register here:

Or call 808-345-0050.