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Childcare is provided at Sunday morning services.

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Thought For The Week
​Sunday, June 25, 2017
10 AM
​Mahalia Michael presents BrainBliss -
Walking the Rainbow Bridge in our Light Sound Being
with music by Katrina Lilly
Gourmet Potluck Luncheon follows morning service

In this informative presentation, Mahalia will offer insights into the higher dimension of our divine light sound and our birthright of Bliss. Bliss being true joy, happiness, contentment, pleasure, freedom and even euphoria. She will reveal how trauma from any stage in life can cause us deep suffering and cut off our biological light and voltage for natural cellular repair and illumination. She will deliver proven tools that you can take home and use on a daily basis to help you to unravel any hurts from your past that may have kept you or a loved one from feeling the deep, aloha spirit truly and effervescently shining from your heart. When our Aloha spirit shines and we feel our bliss, unhindered by pain and old heavy emotion, we are walking the Rainbow Bridge in our Light Sound Being.

Mahalia will be offering a two hour class from 2 to 4pm on Sunday, June 25th at the New Thought Center. 
This class will be a much deeper dive into claiming your biology of light sound being and your birthright of Bliss. See EVENTS page for more details.

Reflecting our birthright of Bliss, Mahalia is a conductor who speaks from her heart, transmitting a luminous light sound that touches the depth of our origin. Trained in ancient Hawaiian healing arts and gifted with specific light sound frequencies from the white whales and dolphins, she is able to achieve profound results for clients who are ready to let go of the cycle of trauma and suffering and live into their freedom. She has a rare ability that unites remote viewing, clairaudience and clairsentience to offer distance transmissions, igniting more lightness of being for clients all over the world.

She has created in depth educational online programs, BrainBliss, BodyBliss, RelationshipBliss, LadyBliss and ManBliss where each class is designed with advanced brain and body science and enhanced by the white whale and dolphin light sound to optimize human life function. She is an authority on health and fitness transformations combining in-depth knowledge and personal experience as an award winning athlete, committed visionary and passionate mystic. With 22 years of experience in transforming lives, she continues her unwavering devotion towards peace, pleasure and heaven on earth.
“If brains could have orgasms, I'm pretty sure this was what it would feel like.” 

― Cora Carmack,