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Thought For The Week
Sunday, March 26, 2017
10 am 
"The Two Wings of the Bird"
with Babaji Bob Kindler
Gourmet Potluck Luncheon follows service
Inward exploration reveals the answers to all the mind's questions, whereas outward focus devoid of enlightenment only fixes the mind on transitory phenomena. Like a crystal which takes on the color of that which it is placed near, the mind becomes what it is focused upon.

--Babaji Bob Kindler
Speaking in the context of Yoga, Babaji will offer a brief but fully packed discourse centering around the roles of the devotional path (Bhakti) and the wisdom path (Jnanam) in the pursuit of Enlightenment. The great Patanjali's full system of Yoga is a complete purificatory practice that covers all spectrums of our being — physical, energetical, mental, intellectual, psychological, philosophical, and spiritual – enabling the human soul to soar on the Two Wings of devotion and wisdom. 

Babaji Bob Kindler is the Spiritual Director of the Sarada Ramakrishna Vivekananda (SRV) Associations, with teaching centers in Hawaii and on the West Coast of the United States, where he serves as dharma teacher and meditation instructor for students and devotees. He is a frequent presenter at the New Though Church of Hawai’i. Editor of Nectar of Non-Dual Truth, A Journal of Universal Religious and Philosophical Teachings, he is also the author of over a dozen books on spiritual topics, including Dissolving the Mindstream, Reclaiming Kundalini Yoga, and Cosmic Quintuplications. His spiritual discourses can be found on YouTube, and on the official SRV Associations website: