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November 17, 2019
10 am
"Awakening the Illuminated Heart"
Presented by Linda Purcell Satchell
with music by John Float
"If you don’t use your mind, someone else will." 
It is with great gratitude that I offer to you an amazing meditation. When we access the deepest aspect of ourselves, we find that it is unlimited and pure. The place I invite you to explore is only written about in a couple of places from ancient times. We call it the Tiny Space of the Heart and it is the Universe, multiverses, and beyond. It is a gateway to Ascension.
This meditation leads to the deep place in your heart. This teaching is part of something much more extensive, but this meditation in itself if complete. With more information, from here, we are able to open the third eye, activate the natural and permanent Merkaba, and most importantly create from Non-Duality. 
When our world seems in such an upheaval, and daily life can be overwhelmingly challenging, this practice can help you find the eye of the hurricane. Of course we all have a basket of tools and practices that help us to navigate. Birth is not easy here on this plane of existence and perhaps struggle is necessary for growth. At the same time, we have access to stillness, peace, and unlimited love right here in our hearts. We are so much greater than we know. 
 My intention and practice is to live from this space all of the time. . Yes, it is a space of unconditional love, yet to even access it we must already be in a state of love. With assistance of the Ascended Masters, Indiginous Elders, Kryia Yoga, and over 70 teachers of different disciplines, Drunvalo Melchezidek has taken complicated ancient wisdom into very simple and clear teachings. This meditation is the primary practice of those teachings and profound in itself. With daily practice it has certainly changed my life and supports continual expansion. It is an honor to share this with you.
Active as an artist, visionary, counselor, and teacher, Linda became a Certified teacher of Drunvalo Melchezidek’s most recent work “Awakening the Illuminated Heart”. Linda has been practicing meditation and creation/manifestation process since the 1970’s. She received a MA in Clinical Psychology, with Specialization in Expressive Art Therapy. As an Adjunct Faculty at John F. Kennedy University, she taught Expressive Art Therapy for 10 years to Masters students and offered continuing education in retreats to licensed therapists. As a licensed MFT, Linda has had a private practice in Kona for about 10 years. Above all Linda’s love of nature has guided her spirit on many internal and external adventures and teaches her to listen more deeply every day.