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April 11:  Linda Tellington Jones - " Getting in TTouch® with Divine Consciousness Within"
with music by Drew Womack

April 18: Sharing service, members & friends of NTCH: "Our COVID Creations"
  (no recording that week) 

April 25:  Kumu Keala Ching - "Huli ke alo Akua, he hā ola nō"

May 2:  Christine Laria, "The Sweet Spot: Living the Divine Connection of Your Dreams"

May 9:  Sheila Gallien -  "What Your Mother Really Wants You to Know"
  music by Sakshi Zion

May 16: Jin An Wong, Tai Chi  with music by Joe Conti

 May 23:  Marya Mann

May 30:  Maria Owl Guiterrez

June 20:  Dawn Barnett - Summer Solstice Celebration and Drumming Circle

July 4:  Dreaming Bear

September 19:  Dawn Barnett - Fall Equinox Celebration & Drumming

December 19:  Dawn Barnett - Winter Solstice Celebration & Drumming

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Interested in joining the New Thought Ohana?

Sunday, April 11, 2021
10 am
​Getting in TTouch® with Divine Consciousness Within
Presented by Linda Tellington Jones
with music by Drew Womack
(An In Person at New Thought program (also live streamed on YouTube)
Welcome Home, members and friends!
This Sunday, April 11, will be our third Sunday meeting on the lanai after 6 months of online
services. We will continue to offer the alternative of watching the live stream in the comfort of
your home if you don’t feel ready to venture out, or if you live elsewhere. This is also the best
option for anyone who can’t wear a mask for the duration of the service, or has philosophical
issues with masks.
Reservations are encouraged, especially if you have a long drive to the Center. Here’s how:
1. Send a message to [email protected] with your name, and names
of any other household members who plan to attend.
2. Call or text 303 641-4659.
Reservations can be made until 7pm Saturday. They will be held until 9:45 Sunday morning.
Throughout the pandemic, the NTCH Board of Trustees has studied the various proclamations,
emergency rules, and data in order to respond appropriately to the situation. Understanding the
COVID/New Thought relationship has been on the agenda of every board meeting since April
2020, and four special meetings have been devoted exclusively to that topic. The most recent
was last Wednesday, March 17.
The board decided to reopen since a significant number of people, especially older people, have
now had the opportunity to get vaccinated. On the other hand, the risk of contracting COVID in a
group situation such as our Sunday service has not been completely eliminated. For most people
under 65 the option to get vaccinated just opened up this past week. The time from first shot to
full protection varies from 3 to 6 weeks, depending upon which vaccine. And youngsters under
16 are not yet eligible. When we gather for Sunday service, we bring together people of all ages,
vaccinated and unvaccinated, and we want everyone to feel safe. As of 4/5, there were 155 active
cases of COVID on the Big Island, an increase of 33 over the past week. Rules are still
necessary, the board concluded. Our friends at Unity require people to sign a waiver and have
their temperature checked prior to entry. We have the advantage of meeting on a lanai, but with a
roof, one wall and one half-wall, it is not a fully outdoor environment, based on the board’s
understanding. If you attend this Sunday, be prepared to observe the guidelines below.
The character of New Thought is averse to dogma and rules. But it’s also part of our heritage,
especially from Ernest Holmes’ teachings, to value scientific thought and seek the place where
science and religion meet. You may not like some of the guidelines, but please bear with us as
we strive to strike the right balance. As the situation changes, so will the rules…
For the rest of April, we will continue to focus on the main Sunday service. (We are not yet re-
starting crystal bowl meditations, monthly potlucks or childcare service.)
Sincerely yours,
Pasha MacGregor,
President, Board of Trustees

Please help us maintain a safe and healthy environment by observing these rules.

1. Stay home if you are sick, or if you feel yourself to be at-risk.
2. Social distancing requires 6 feet spacing except for people who live together.
3. Reservations are encouraged by e-mail or phone; we have a 40 person limit
4. Enter and exit mindfully, following ushers’ guidance.
5. No re-arranging of chairs—ask usher’s help if there is a problem
6. No hugging, shaking hands, etc. (Express affection in non-physical ways)
7. Masks covering nose and mouth are required of all those in attendance, including those
with roles in the service. Exception: speaker and facilitator may remove masks while
speaking. Vocalists (music ministers) may remove masks while singing.
8. No group singing.
9. No passing of hand-held mike.
10. Koa bowl on table—invitation to give, but bowl will not be passed hand to hand.
11. No potluck or beverage service.
12. New Thought will maintain a supply of face masks, hand sanitizer & wipes.
13. New Thought will clean and disinfect furnishings and fixtures frequently.
14. New Thought will record or live-stream services for those who can’t attend.
Adopted by New Thought Board of Trustees, June 18, 2020, revised March 17, 2021