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June 24: Dawn Barnett - Summer Solstice Ceremony & Drumming Journey
Gourmet Potluck luncheon follows service

July 1:  Shira Hunt & George S Mycroft - "How to Survive the Chaos" 
Afternoon workshop - "Thriving in the Chaos"

July 8:  Dr. Hank Wesselman - The Spirit Teacher
Weekend all day workshop - "The Spirit Teacher" July 14 - pre-registration a must

July 15:  Nigel Patterson

July 22:  Marya Mann - "Soul Medicine"

July 29: Kumu Keala Ching

August 5:  Alice Tobin

August 12: Carolyn Ching

September 2:  Bernice Roberto - Janmastami Celebration

September 30: Dawn Barnett - Fall Equinox Ceremony & Drumming Journey

October 14:  

October 28: Kumu Keala Ching

December 16: Dawn Barnett - Winter Solstice Ceremony & Drumming Journey

December 30: Kumu Keala Ching 

For more information about workshops go to our events page.

Sunday, June 24, 2018
Summer Solstice Drumming Celebration
Presented by Dawn Barnett
9:45 to 12:00
Potluck Gourmet Luncheon follows service
​Sunday, July 1, 2018
10 am
"How to Survive the Chaos"
Presented by Shira Hunt & George Mycroft
with music by
Afternoon Workshop : "Thriving in the Chaos" (see events page for details)
Do you feel like the World is going to pieces right before your eyes? Do you wonder if we will be able to survive the current governmental affairs and planetary shift? Make no mistake, YOU are here on purpose at this time! Do you feel scared, confused and without direction? GREAT---you are right on track! Would you like to understand it all a little better? Would you like to explore some possibilities that you might not have been able to see in the fog of all this change?  

Shira and George will share their personal journey of Chaos that brought them to the Big Island. They will bring their understanding of what this Chaos is all about and why we are all here now to experience it. They will explore the process of navigating the Chaos from an intimate personal perspective and share tools for experiencing this “change” that is inevitable and happening right now! There is no way to avoid this planetary adventure, so why not CHOOSE how you would like to experience it!

We are blessed and excited to reunite with the NTCH people. We love you all and have missed you as we have wandered to the far reaches of the Big Island. Looking forward to reconnecting! 
 Shira and George
Dawn Barnett will lead an experiential program in observance of the summer solstice this week. Participants will go on a shamanic journey, a personal meditative experience which includes a guided visualization and drumbeats of a certain rhythm, intended to induce an altered state of consciousness. Please join us in starting the service with half an hour of community drumming, which begins at 9:45. (Some drums and rattles provided) This will be an extended service, lasting from until noon.

According to Dawn's study of indigenous wisdom, the summer solstice is the ideal time to connect with the archetype of the Healer, that aspect of ourselves that demonstrates the principle of paying attention to what has heart and meaning. The season supports our ability to access the human resources of love and compassion.

Dawn draws from several sources in creating this program: two years of shamanic foundational training with Angeles Arrien, author of several books, including “The Four-Fold Way”; one year of shamanic training, including drum making, with artist and teacher Ellen Fishburn; her training in hypnotherapy with David Quigley and Yukio Hasegawa; and the ceremonial practices of author, teacher and ceremonialist Sedonia Cahill with whom she studied for several months and also did a ten day vision quest in Death Valley, California.

The solstice ceremony will take place in the Honua Room, adjacent to the lanai of Building C, Pualani Terrace in Kealakekua.

What is the sacred purpose of being human?
Sunday, July 22, 2018
10 am
Presented by Marya Mann

Many in Hawaii at this tender time are Kaula -- light carriers in Hawaiian tradition, and also Kaula -- devotees of the heart in Tantra Vedic wisdom. We each have an inner blueprint for service, intention, love, and empowerment, and this blueprint is activated by learning the aboriginal (ab= mother father; original = native) languages of light that awaken ancestral lineages and heal intergenerational traumas that affect us all.

As we consciously embody Spirit and harvest the seeds of evolution, our authentic life purpose, our kuleana, is revealed, and we recover original Soul Medicine. Interweaving roots of Yoga, Indigenous Arts, Shamanism, and Hawaiian traditions offer cutting edge ancient wisdom and profound tools to distill our unique Soul Medicine, which we’ll explore in this light-hearted, experiential Sunday service.

Through the power of AUM, we reach out to our beloved Aumakua and discover in our reunion, our Yoga, that we ARE the mything links!

A Kona-based Yoga Teacher, Energy Medicine practitioner and artist, Dr. Mann has been teaching Yoga and Meditation since 1986. While earning her PhD in Creative Arts and Dance, she was inspired by study and teaching in India, Bali, and North America to develop Evolutionary Yoga Flow, a system inspired by natural and universal movement principles and indigenous ceremonies. She discovered that a safe, sustainable, and Soul-centered Yoga could empower anyone to build their own authentic practice. 

With respect for the land, language, and hula traditions of Hawaii, she writes a monthly on-line column called Brave New Views and has co-authored a book, Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Selves. She has written Yoga columns for West Hawaii Today, Elephant Journal, and Yoga Hawaii Magazine, as well as stories on culture, spirituality, and the arts for Light on Consciousness, Solomon Air, and Ke Ola Magazines. The founder of Kona Coast Yoga & Wellness, where she has a clinical consulting practice, she is also the Founder and Director of Pacific ArtWavEs Nourish the Children, a non-profit mindful art training program for children and families.

A leading voice in the evolution of Yoga, with more than 1000 hours of training in Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Viniyoga practice and teaching, she guides people of all sizes, ages, shapes, and cultures to integrate the wisdom of the body, the spirit in the heart, and the light in the mind.

She teaches Gentle Evolutionary Yoga classes at the New Thought Center in Kealakekua and in collaboration with the University of Hawaii and Kona Community College, she created a new multi-cultural curriculum, Yoga with Hawaiian Perspectives. For more detail and questions about the 2-credit course offered at Palamanui, please e-mail Dr. Trina Nahm-Mijo,

For details on Marya’s work, please visit or write to her at