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June 23: Dawn Barnett - "Summer Solstice Celebration and Drumming Circle"

June 30: Shira Hunt - "The Incredible Journey of A Frequency Catalyst" with music by Vibodha
Afternoon workshop: "Cultivating Your Spiritual Presence: Being The Light"
Gourmet Potluck Luncheon follows service

July 7: Kumu Keala Ching - "He koho nō ia!" with music by Keala

July 14:  Davina Mar - "Business is Great, People are Wonderful, Life is Terrific" 
with music by Davina
Afternoon workshop - Mindful Dating 101

July 21:  Ana Jones 

July 28: Nigel B. Patterson  - "Power Struggle: Women Naturally Have What Men Want More Of!"
with music by Uma Ojeda
Gourmet Potluck Luncheon follows service

August 18:  Kauakea Winston - "Living Astrology ~ Compassion in Action in 2019"

August 25: Manuel Roberto - Janmastami

September 1:  Swami Om - Special Dances of Universal Peace - with music by Jamill

September 15:  New Thought Birthday Celebration
September 22: Dawn Barnett - "Fall Equinox Celebration and Drumming Circle"
September 29:  Kumu Keala Ching - "Wahi Pana"
October 4:  Kimber Leigh
October 20: Nancy Shipley Rubin
 October 27:  Dreaming Bear
November 3:  Janeen Marie
November 10: Dr. Hank Wesselman
December 8:  Tree Trimming & Decoration Party
December 15:  Mahalia Michael
December 22: Dawn Barnett - "Winter Solstice Celebration and Drumming Circle"
Decemer 29:  Kumu Keala Ching - "Wai - Wailua"
For more information about workshops go to our events page.

June 23, 2019
9:45 am
"Summer  Solstice  Celebration & Drumming Circle"
Presented by Dawn Barnett
Ceremony goes to noon
Sunday, June 30, 2019
10 am
"Awake Within The Dream"
Presented by Shira Hunt
With music by Vibodha
Shira Hunt is on a quest to help raise the mass mind consciousness. Do you aspire to joining this quest as a guiding light that brings this to completion in our life time? Join us for the journey of integrating Body, Mind, and Spirit so that you may be a vital conscious piece of this evolutionary process.

Shira is a frequency catalyst that has experienced, not one, but three profound life changing events that have caused her to claim her “real’ reason for coming to the planet. She spent years staying silent about these events and she is being guided to share them NOW. These events contain deep metaphysical information to help others see their lives in a higher light. Join us at NTCH and share this journey with Shira as she opens a door to view your world from a new perspective so that you might also fully understand why you came to Earth.  

Shira Hunt RN, CST is a keynote speaker who has served thousands in personal treatments and group facilitations to reclaim their full spiritual embodiment, so that they can shine their lights for others to find the pathway to higher consciousness.  
Her work has embraced many esoteric teachings including Cranio-Sacral, Healing Touch, Reiki, EFT, Psych-K, Matrix Energetics, and (primarily) Vibrational Medicine and frequency therapy that was born out of a severe car accident that forced her to focus on her personal purpose for being on the planet. She sang professionally for 8 years and is a retired Nurse. He experiences in this lifetime span many arenas. She has studied under sound teachers; Don Campbell, Dr. Wayne Perry, Dr. Sue Lei Thompson, Jonathon Goldman, and Ted Andrews. Years of training and experience with her own clientele has honed her spiritual connection in ways that she never thought possible.
Shira brings deep wisdom to bare around frequency and changing the world that we live in. Her deepest passion to assist every soul she touches to remember who they truly are. To give them back to themselves so that they might live their grandest expression in this lifetime on the planet.

Dawn Barnett will lead an experiential program in observance of the summer solstice this week. Participants will go on a shamanic journey, a personal meditative experience which includes a guided visualization and drumbeats of a certain rhythm, intended to induce an altered state of consciousness. Please join us in starting the service with half an hour of community drumming, which begins at 9:45. (Some drums and rattles provided) This will be an extended service, lasting from until noon.
According to Dawn's study of indigenous wisdom, the summer solstice is the ideal time to connect with the archetype of the Healer, that aspect of ourselves that demonstrates the principle of paying attention to what has heart and meaning. The season supports our ability to access the human resources of love and compassion.

Dawn draws from several sources in creating this program: two years of shamanic foundational training with Angeles Arrien, author of several books, including “The Four-Fold Way”; one year of shamanic training, including drum making, with artist and teacher Ellen Fishburn; her training in hypnotherapy with David Quigley and Yukio Hasegawa; and the ceremonial practices of author, teacher and ceremonialist Sedonia Cahill with whom she studied for several months and also did a ten day vision quest in Death Valley, California.
The solstice ceremony will take place in the Honua Room, adjacent to the lanai of Building C, Pualani Terrace in Kealakekua.