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October 28: Kumu Keala Ching

November 4: Cymber Lily Quinn - The Healing Power of the Harp

November 11:  Dreaming Bear

November 18 Sheila Gallian - What Are Your Gifts And How Do You Use Them?

November 25: Sharing our Talents - Presented by All of You - Host Pomaika`i Coulon

December 2:  Hannukah - Barry Blum with music by Gloria Blum

December 9:  Christmas Decorations Party

December 16: Dawn Barnett - Winter Solstice Ceremony & Drumming Journey

December 23: Josuf Hadley - Da Pidgin Poet

December 30: Kumu Keala Ching 

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‘O ke Aloha iho nō - Having love within
Presented by Kumu Keala Ching
Sunday, October 28, 2018
10 am
with music by Kumu Keala Ching
Potluck Luncheon Follows service
Sunday, November 4, 2018
10 am
The Healing Power of the Harp
Presented by Cymber Lily Quinn
with music by Cymber Lily Quinn
All throughout history, harps have been known for their magical and healing powers. From King David down to today’s modern science, the vibrations from the harp are known to help bring peace, tranquility and healing to both player and listener. In this talk, you’ll learn a bit about the science behind the healing tones of the harp, and get to experience the healing qualities and music for yourself. Come and be refreshed by the soothing, calming tones. 

Cymber Lily Quinn is a visionary meditation harpist and composer, living in Kurtistown, Hawaii. A Reiki master, Cymber Lily Quinn infuses her nature-based music with relaxation energies. Her latest release, Spa in a Box: 2017 Edition, takes the listener on a journey of relaxation, release and renewal - all in the time it takes to take a bubble bath at home. 

Cymber Lily’s visionary musical direction has garnering her five Big Island Music Awards for New Age Music. Her first CD, Seasons of the Soul, was featured on National Public Radio’s Hearts of Space and on Hawaii Public Radio. She was a featured performer at the Globe Institute’s Sound Healing Conference & Festival. She has produced 3 full-length musically-guided meditation CDs, many singles, many spoken-word guided meditations, and a Chi-Gung exercise DVD.  

“I enjoyed your sweet meditation. I look forward to a healthful sleep and listening again tomorrow.” D. Sarao, Hawaii

Presented by Sheila Gallian
Sunday, October 18, 2018
10 am

The Heart Center is eager to speak about easily awakening and activating the gifts already present in our bodies and consciousness. There truly is a new world being formed with our actions and our thoughts. Anything is possible. Everything is possible! We may hold gifts we have not even imagined, whose uses have not even been invented yet. It is the process of tapping into our consciousness from our growing heart centers that will allow unfathomable growth. The Heart Center will offer tools about taking inspired action, making the right decision for your highest good and the highest good of all. They are eager to hear your questions!

Sheila is a channel for the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe, a divine consciousness who helps humanity access their direct connection to the divine, and radiate that divinity through their own unique gifts and expression.

The Heart Center loves the human body, its emotions and physicality and complexities, and helps human beings to use all of their experience while expanding into new dimensions.

Sheila’s gift emerged suddenly in January of 2017, bearing with it her star name of Lumina. She brings to her channeling the many worlds she has navigated. She worked in Hollywood as an assistant to an Oscar-nominated screenwriter, with A-list directors and producers, has been optioned herself as a screenwriter, and coached writers for 20 years. She currently works in marketing and sales and rubs elbows with executives of some of the biggest corporations in the world. She has also worked in hospitality, timeshare, restaurants, and a brief spell of hubcap scrubbing.

Her consciousness training began in earnest with 136 Grateful Dead shows between 1984-1986, exploring an array of states of consciousness, and continued with studies at the Berkeley’s Institute for the Study of Consciousness, the Berkeley Psychic Institute, the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, training in Wicca and pagan rituals, and many other portals, including a period of rejection of anything spiritual, and a deep dive into the blues.

Sheila brings all of this life experience with her through her gift of channeling. The Heart Center uses her breadth of experience to talk with people from many walks of life, whomever might feel called or feel the connection.
`O ke Aloha iho nō - Having love within.....

Aloha (compassion) is needed to heal and be able to passionately live harmoniously. Ua ola loko i ke aloha - Aloha is what lives within. We need to recognize what values and qualities we have to be able to share it equally.

Kumu Keala Ching is a Hawaiian cultural educator, composer, song writer, and spiritual advisor to many Hawaiian organizations. Kumu Keala lives and breathes aloha into his Hawaiian heritage with his strong presence and great heart. 

Growing up on the island of O'ahu, Keala Ching began his hula training as a dancer with the Men of Waimapuna under the direction of the late Darrel Ihi'ihilauakea Lupenui. In 1999 he became a practitioner of Ho'oponopono with Kupuna Malia Craver, a cultural specialist at the Queen Lili'uokalani Children's center. He is a graduate of University of Hawaii, Manoa with a degree in early childhood education. 
Kumu Keala Ching is a Hawaiian cultural educator, composer, song writer, and spiritual advisor to many Hawaiian organizations. 

Under the tutelage of Loea Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett, Keala has spent many years learning and building his knowledge. Recently he graduated in the 'uniki rites to be a kumu hula. He is fluent in the Hawaiian language, which he uses as the foundation for teaching all of his students.