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October 20: Nancy Shipley Rubin - "Festival of Love"
Afternoon workshop: "Leading From The Heart"

October 27:  Dreaming Bear - 'The Story of Impossibility: Living our Wildest Dreams & Fantasies!'
with music & meditation by Dreaming Bear

November 3:  Janeen Marie - "Entering The Silence Within"
November 10: Dr. Hank Wesselman - "The Transformational Community & the Shamanistic Persuasion"
November 17: Linda Satchell with music by John Float
November 24: Elisha Southworth
December 1: Genevieve Brunet
December 8:  Tree Trimming & Decoration Party
December 15:  Mahalia Michael
December 22: Dawn Barnett - "Winter Solstice Celebration and Drumming Circle"
December 24: Candlelighting Service
Decemer 29:  Kumu Keala Ching - "Wai - Wailua"
Januray 12:  Linda Boozer
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Sunday, October 20, 2019
10 am
"Festival of Love"
Presented by Nancy Shipley Rubin
with music by Vibodha
The Heart is an instrument. 
We are learning to Play it.
The Heart comes as the healer.
We are learning to Trust it.
The Heart may call for change.
We are learning to Act on that call.

Comments:  "Nancy makes me laugh and feel inspired-  
She offers a clean perspective of what we are opening to in our hearts.  
She has great techniques to open the heart and make it available.  
Nancy has a healing presence."

There is an evolutionary force originating from our soul. Pressure is building, asking us to serve from love and a greater place of Illumination. Our heart supports and is the fuel for our decisions, and the action we are asked to take. 
In this workshop you will:
  • discover your heart as the Knower and the voice of Guidance,
  • stay connected to your Spiritual Resources,
  • learn to stay heart centered and grounded,
  • investigate the outmoded programs that keep us operating in systems that no longer work
  • find clarity in your daily movement as you dance in the Light. 

A gifted psychic and counselor, Nancy provides clear, direct guidance and teaching. Her work evolved from over twenty-five years of psychic practice, formal studies in psychology and contemplative studies. Nancy leads us through the next steps of evolution. The information is presented in a grounded format with real life examples. Nancy encourages each person to access their own inner guidance and recognize their unique gifts. Presenting principles of empowerment in a kind and humorous manner, Nancy reveals the depth of who we are.