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July 26:  LT Smooth - "Forgiveness" with music by LT Smooth

August 2:  Kumu Mahealani Henry "Mahalo Nui" with Music & hula by La'akea Geddes

August 9:  Manuel & Bernice Roberto -

August 16: Julia Fairchild, "New Thoughts on Overcoming Racism"
        with Music by Uma Ojeda

August 23: Phil Centers, "The Teachings of Rudolf Steiner"
with Music by Marie Claire

September 20: Dawn Barnett - Fall Equinox

October 4: Adriana Attento - Creation, Creativity, and YOU!

November 1: Kumu Keala Ching

November 29: L.T. Smooth, program & music

December 20: Dawn Barnett - Winter Solstice

For more information about workshops and to view previous Sunday presentations go to our events page.

Sunday, August 9, 2020
10 am
Presented at New Thought Center by Manuel Roberto 
with flute & drums by Manuel and Harp by Madhavi Infinity

To watch the live stream at 10 am Click Here

(It will also be available as a recording on Monday after noon)
Attending in person - What you need to know information below
Reservations recommended
October 4, 2020
10 am
Creation, Creativity, and YOU!
Presented by Adriana Attento
with music by 
Creation is one whole body of Existence. It is one Being, one Intelligence, one Love. From a planet to a pebble, from a galaxy to a great insight, from a subtle thought to a thousand penguins crowding in the cold - all of it is One. One God, one Miracle, one Divine Expression. And an aspect of that Holy Expression arises in you every moment. A small slice of Creation emerges in you every second of your life. In this presentation, Adriana will highlight a simple characteristic of your mind that points to your inherent divinity and your innate participation in the arising of Creation. She will point you to the intersection between your unique calling and the evolution of our planet. She will also share parts of her personal story that led to the discovery of her spiritual calling. Lastly, discover the power of your creativity as Adriana shares a spiritual practice that can lead you to your empowerment, destined path, and purpose.

Adriana Attento is the spiritual teacher of a practice that invites you to deepen your relationship with the arising of Creation, as it emerges in this moment Now. As a licensed psychotherapist, long-time meditator, and writer, Adriana has spent decades exploring the hearts and minds of her clients as well as her own. Adriana is the author of "A Holy Nothingness: Writing Towards God" as well as "Creativity: Its Glory, Its Splendor, and YOU". She encourages developing an intimate relationship with Life, as it emerges from within moment by moment, thereby discovering the reverent and sacred nature of this existence.
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The ancient Hindu holy day JANMASTAMI celebrates the appearance day of Lord Krishna on Planet Earth in Vrindavan, India over 5,000 years ago.

Krishna is the teacher in the “Bhagavad Gita,” the most sacred part of the Indian epic Mahabharata. He is worshiped by millions of people as the incarnation of the Godhead, and his teachings bring inspiration and wisdom to seekers of all faiths.

The New Thought program will feature music, stories, readings and incantations from India. Manuel Roberto will serve as flautist, drummer and storyteller. Since Bernice Roberto, originally announced as music minister, has urgent family business on the mainland. Manuel will be assisted by a guest musician, harpist Madhavi Infinity.

Manuel is a flautist, poet and teacher. Along with his wife Bernice, he is a founding member of the Hawaii Harp Ensemble. Born in Spain, Manuel has traveled extensively throughout the world, studying the musical and spiritual traditions of diverse cultures. He has a deep knowledge of Hinduism which he has practiced for several decades. Manuel is a long-time member of New Thought Center and a past president of the Board of Trustees.

For this week we will once again focus on the main Sunday service. (We are not yet re-starting either the crystal bowl meditations or the childcare service.)

If you definitely plan to attend, and especially if you have a long drive to get to the Center, reservations are recommended. To reserve a space, please send a message to [email protected] with your name, and names of any other household members who plan to attend.

Alternatively, you can call or text 303 641-4659. Reservations can be made until 7 pm, Saturdays. They will be held until 9:45 Sunday morning. With a capacity of 40, we can probably accommodate everyone who wants to come, so if you prefer to be spontaneous about your decision, that’s okay. Just consider it like flying stand-by.

When we live stream via YouTube, if you go to the New Thought YouTube channel at 10 am Sunday morning, you will be able to watch the live broadcast.

he recording of the service will be available after noon on Mondays.
Here is the link to the Channel ID, which will remain constant:
New Thought Center YouTube Channel

You can even subscribe to the channel if you want.

As the situation changes, so will the rules… The guidelines currently in effect are listed below.

1. Advise people to stay home if unwell, or if they feel themselves to be at-risk
2.  40 person limit: Invitation to reserve a place in advance, either by e-mail or by phone.
3. Acceptance of additional attendees on a space-available basis. (Like flying stand-by)
4. Careful supervision of entry and exit procedure, using ushers.
5.  Masks required of attendees. (You do it for me, I do it for you, we do it for ourselves and our loved one)
6. Those with roles in the service wear face masks or shields except when talking or singing
7. Koa bowl on table—invitation to give, but bowl will not be passed hand to hand.
8. Tape on floor to mark 6 foot spacing for chairs, and for waiting in line prior to entry.
9. New Thought will maintain a supply of face masks & shields, hand sanitizer & wipes.
10. New Thought will clean and disinfect furnishings and fixtures more frequently.
11. New Thought will record or live-stream service for the benefit of those who can’t attend, 
or who don't want to comply with the above.
12.  Hugging, shaking hands, etc. (Express affection in non-physical ways)
13. Group singing.
14. Passing of hand-held mike.
15. Potluck or beverage service for the first month.