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February 17:  Annual Membership meeting with music by Marie Claire

February 24:  Jinan (Arnie Wong)

March 3: Anne Celeste - Learning to Trust Your Heat
Afternoon workshop - Prayer of the Heart: The Remembrance

March 10: Mahalia Michael

March 17: Nancy & Errol Rubin

March 24: Dawn Barnett

March 31: Susan Gregg - "Imagine"

April 7th - Gina Musetti

April 14 - Palm Sunday - Jozuf Hadley (the resurrection story)

April 21: Easter - Trish Regan - "The Ignition"

April 28: Dennis & Christy Soares

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"In The Beginning Was The Word, And The Word Was Law"
Presented by Dennis & Christy Soares
Sunday, 10 am, April 28, 2019
"In the beginning was the word, and the word was law." This translation from verse, that appears in the Bible, is the single most important aspect of being human. Words matter. What we "declare" with our words we almost always "manifest." The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, states that this is the most important agreement. Why are we so cavalier with our words? Why do we so easily engage in gossip? This talk will focus on communication both verbal and non-verbal. Communication can be both inclusive or exclusive. We learn very early how to communicate. While it may seem to be easy to be impeccable with our words (speech) anyone who has seriously tried it for a single day will find this is not so.

Rev. Dennis Soares was born and raised in Kailua, HI. He attended St. Anthony's School, St. Louis, and UH Manoa. In 1972 he embarked on a career as a professional musician performing in Waikiki and all military bases. Dennis relocated in 1980 to N. California where he continued to perform and returned to school earning a BA, MA, and teaching credential. He also met his wife Christy, in college. From 1987-2004 Dennis worked for Stockton Unified School District and also operated a recording studio out of his home. He was ordained as a minister in 2004 through Spiritual Truth Center (related to Unity) From 2004 until the present Dennis and Christy have lived in the Mountain View area where they continue to perform regularly, run a recording studio, and speak at all New Thought Churches on Hawai'i, as well as Unitarian, Mediation Centers, and Civic Clubs like Rotary. He is a four time published author.
Sunday, February 17, 2019
10 am
"Annual Membership Meeting"
Presented by President Pasha MacGregor
with music by Marie Claire
Invitation to join a great organization!
And official notification of Annual Membership Meeting
February 17, 2019

Do you feel a sense of belonging when you come to New Thought services? Do you want to support a form of spirituality that is progressive, inclusive and empowering? If so, consider becoming a member of New Thought Center of Hawaii. Benefits include a 6 month complimentary subscription to Science of Mind Magazine (Guide for Spiritual Living), the opportunity to participate in important decisions regarding the future of the Center and the good feeling of being connected to a positive spiritual community. 

Members are not required to pay dues—New Thought is supported by voluntary contributions from members and friends. Exclusivity is not required. Since New Thought respects the value of other spiritual paths, becoming a member does not require severing other connections. From our perspective, a person can be a valued member of New Thought as well as being a good Hindu, Bahai, Jew, etc. New members will be recognized at the Annual Membership Meeting on February 17, 2019. 
Membership forms are available at Sunday services. (Look for them on the table near the entry gate.) Completed forms may be turned in to Pasha MacGregor or another Board member. To have a form e-mailed to you, send your request to [email protected]

If you are already a member, please check your information on the membership list, and update if necessary. The list will be on a clipboard near the membership forms for the next few weeks. And mark your calendars—we need a good turn-out for the Annual Meeting on 2/17. 

Board of Trustees - 2010
 Come with a question, leave with an answer.

Bring an important life question to this talk.

Anne will show you the technique of “Heart-Knowing”, which she developed to help her students do their own intuitive readings. This technique enables you to “get out of your head and into your heart”, joining mind with heart. It has helped hundreds of people access their heart’s loving wisdom.

 Anne Celeste is a spiritual counselor who guides people as they integrate personality with soul. An authority on intuition, she has taught several thousand people to receive the guidance of their soul since 1981. She has made a lifelong study of the process of spiritual development, integrating many spiritual paths.

March 3, 2019
10 am
"Learning to Trust Your Heart"
Presented by Anne Celeste
with music by Uma Ojeda

Afternoon workshop 1:30 pm

March 3, 2019
 1:30-3:30 pm
 $15 or donation, all welcome.

​Prayer of the Heart: The Remembrance
An Experience of Being Held in the Pure Love

Anne will share a profound way to live within the pure love at the core of your heart. This is the Sufi practice of Remembrance, the prayer your deep heart is always praying. Sufis are masters of the heart, and this one gentle practice is remarkably powerful.

Remembrance is deeply healing. It dissolves separation—the questioning, wanting, striving, hurting, diminished parts of ourselves. It all melts in the experience of being held within the warmly embracing love within your heart. Pure love dissolves all that is not love.

This practice has been transformative for many people, healing them—often after many years of searching—and returning them to the deep love.

Anne Celeste is a Master Teacher of the Sufi way, appointed by Sidi Al Jamal of the Shadduliyah way. This designation signifies that her heart is the earth on which people can walk as they journey to the Unity. This practice healed Anne’s life. She wrote her story in the book, Creating Heavan on Earth: My Journey from the Devastation of my Life into the Heaven in My Heart. She has used this practice to help many people heal what separates them from the pure love.