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November 29: Drew Womack "Thank You"   A Virtual Event

December 6:  Jamilla Nur (Carla Hannaford), Ahti Mohala & friends,  
program & music, “The History of Christmas”   A Virtual Event

December 13:  Cymber Lily Quinn - Program and Music    A Virtual Event

December 20: Dawn Barnett - Winter Solstice Celebration and Drumming Circle

December 27: New Thought Ohana Community Service Zoom Sharing

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This is a virtual Event, there will be no in-person service this week!
Sunday, November 29, 2020
10 am
Thank You
Presented by Drew Womack Song and Story

"ThankYou" Living is a state of gratitude, it is a liberating experience. No matter how crazy this world gets, there are boundless reasons to be grateful. Life is a miracle and you are a part of it. As long as you are living there will be endless challenges, count on them, get into it, gratitude will get you through all of them. When you are grateful for what you have it opens the door to receiving more blessings. So thank you for reading this. Cheers, Drew 

Drew is a life long singer, songwriter born in Fort Worth, Texas. Left at 20 and traveled the US, Canada and Mexico, playing and singing wherever it was fun. He now lives in Hawaii for the last 20 years and spending several months in New Zealand for the last 4 years. He is thankful for his wife, Carla, daughter Kiara, and son Cheyene. He says, "I love living in Hawaii."

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SUNDAY SERVICE RULES For in-person events

1. Stay home if you are sick, or if you feel yourself to be at-risk.
2. Social distancing requires 6 feet spacing except for people who live together.
3. Reserve your place in advance by e-mail or phone; we have a 40 person limit
4. Enter and exit mindfully, following ushers’ guidance.
5. Masks covering nose and mouth are required of all those in attendance, including those with roles in the service.
6. Koa bowl on table—invitation to give, but bowl will not be passed hand to hand.

7.  Hugging, shaking hands, etc. (Express affection in non-physical ways)
8.  Group singing.
9.  Passing of hand-held mike.
10. Potluck or beverage service.
11. Re-arranging of chairs—ask usher’s help if there is a problem 

 New Thought will maintain a supply of face masks, hand sanitizer & wipes.
 New Thought will clean and disinfect furnishings and fixtures frequently.
 New Thought will record or live-stream services for those who can’t attend.

Adopted by New Thought Board of Trustees, June 18, 2020, revised October 21, 2020.

(Subject to change as conditions change)