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January 26: Anne Celeste - "Heart Guidance for Our Difficult Times
with music by the Harmony People

February 2:  Dr. Laurie Moore - "Healing and Awakening the Heart: Animal Wisdom for Humans" 
with music by Laurie Moore

February 9: Michelle Andrie - "Turn your Wounds into Wonders" with music by Marie Claire

February 16: Randyl Rupar with music by Benjamin Marantz

February 23: Annual Membership Meeting & Election of Board of Trustees

March 1: Lynn Lesh - "Cultivating Authentic Connection"

March 8: Hank Wesselman
Workshop March 14th

March 15: Nancy Shipley Rubin

March 22: Dawn Barnett - Spring Equinox Celebration and Drumming Circle

May 24: Kumu Keala Ching
June 21: Dawn Barnett - Summer Solstice
September 20: Dawn Barnett - Fall Equinox
October 4: Adriana Attento
November 1: Kumu Keala Ching
December 20: Dawn Barnett - Winter Solstice
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Sunday, January 26, 2020
10 am
"Heart Guidance for Our Difficult Times"
Presented by Anne Celeste
with music by The Harmony People
Do you know someone who went through great difficulty recently? Maybe even yourself?
The past weeks have been particularly difficult for people.
The past years have been particularly difficult for the world
What is going on? How do we understand this time?
How can we best deal with it? What can we do to make it better?

Anne will offer perspectives using the Sufi practice of the Four Realms of the Heart.
Each realm holds deepening understanding and truth. She’ll discuss physical laws and spiritual law, physical power and spiritual power.

We’ll do a group Heart Prayer, entering sacred space together, from which to radiate a presence of peace, love, and truth. This is a skill you can use daily.

Anne Celeste is a spiritual counselor and healer. An authority on intuition, she has taught several thousand people to live from inner knowing since 1981. She is a master teacher of the Sufi way, appointed by Sidi Al Jamal in 2003, a designation which means that her heart is a path that people can walk as they journey to the unity. She has taught people to live from within their spiritual heart since 2001.