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October 25: Miracles & Ordinaries - Live at 10 am Only - a community sharing on interactive Zoom.  
This will not be recorded for privacy reasons.

November 1: Kumu Keala Ching - "Kuleana" with music by Keala

November 8:

November 15:  Charlie Thweatt with music by Charlie

November 22:  

November 29: L.T. Smooth, program & music
December 20: Dawn Barnett - Winter Solstice

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October 18, 2020​
10 am
Creation, Creativity, and YOU!
Presented by Adriana Attento
with music by Lara Printz
Creation is one whole body of Existence. It is one Being, one Intelligence, one Love. From a planet to a pebble, from a galaxy to a great insight, from a subtle thought to a thousand penguins crowding in the cold - all of it is One. One God, one Miracle, one Divine Expression. And an aspect of that Holy Expression arises in you every moment. A small slice of Creation emerges in you every second of your life. In this presentation, Adriana will highlight a simple characteristic of your mind that points to your inherent divinity and your innate participation in the arising of Creation. She will point you to the intersection between your unique calling and the evolution of our planet. She will also share parts of her personal story that led to the discovery of her spiritual calling. Lastly, discover the power of your creativity as Adriana shares a spiritual practice that can lead you to your empowerment, destined path, and purpose.

Adriana Attento is the spiritual teacher of a practice that invites you to deepen your relationship with the arising of Creation, as it emerges in this moment Now. As a licensed psychotherapist, long-time meditator, and writer, Adriana has spent decades exploring the hearts and minds of her clients as well as her own. Adriana is the author of "A Holy Nothingness: Writing Towards God" as well as "Creativity: Its Glory, Its Splendor, and YOU". She encourages developing an intimate relationship with Life, as it emerges from within moment by moment, thereby discovering the reverent and sacred nature of this existence.
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This is a virtual Event, there will be no in-person service this week!
Sunday, October 25, 2020
10 am
A Virtual Event
This coming Sunday, the guest speaker will be… all who attend! We will hold a Zoom sharing service on the theme of Miracles and Ordinaries. You can be “there” no matter where you are on the planet. With Zoom, geography is not a limiting factor. But the “when” is quite specific: October 25, 10-11:30am, HST. Wanting to respect the privacy of our members and friends, we are choosing not to post a recording on our YouTube channel after the service. So mark your calendar now if you want to participate!


Respond to the Zoom invitation below at the designated time.


Each person will have 1-3 minutes to share a miracle or ordinary.
Order of sharing: the tentative order will be printed in the chat column. Please inform the facilitator if you need to share sooner or later than your place on the list.  

Sharing is not required. If you prefer to listen and draw inspiration from what others share, that’s fine. Attentive listening is a gift in itself.


It is the natural flow of love’s power.
It is the Angel present upon the planet earth.
It is the Love that you feel in your own heart.
A miracle is mind’s definition for Love’s natural capacity to be.
The mind sets up boundaries of reasonable expectation and declares “This is natural order.”
Love enters and knows no boundaries.
The presence of Love, the only reality, takes all of mind’s careful planning and simply blows it to bits.

Mind has determined, “Reason comes to this point and can go no further.”

Love does not even see barriers. When Love crashes through mind’s familiar understanding of how things “ought” to be, mind can only cry out “That’s a miracle!”

“No,” Love answers, “that’s just the way I am.”

SOURCE: Emmanuel III, shared by Elizabeth Theriault

Her comment: When miracles are understood as our birthright, they become “ordinaries”.  

( Morty Breier’s perspective)

During the part of our services that we call Miracles and Ordinaries, we are asked to share with each other the spiritually meaningful events of this past week, this time of our lives, this portion of our journey. Miracles because they are unexpected, they remind us of spiritual truths and they change us. Ordinaries because they happen in the midst of our daily lives, they are the stuff of our daily lives, and their lessons are there to serve us now. We share the times when success flows from letting go. We share the peace of forgiving and being forgiven. We tell of illuminating insights that dissolve old difficulties and pain. We recall those moments when our hearts opened in boundless joy. In these ways, moved by the Spirit, we minister to and learn from each other. We invite you to affirm Spirit by sharing your Miracles and Ordinaries.


Topic: Miracles & Ordinaries

Time: Oct 25, 2020 10:00 AM Hawaii

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