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December 16: Dawn Barnett - Winter Solstice Ceremony & Drumming Journey

December 23: Josuf Hadley - Da Pidgin Poet with music by Vibodha

December 24:  Candlelight Service 7 pm, Celebration follows

December 30: Michael Donenfeld - The Seven Factors of Awakening with music by Marie Claire
Gourmet Potluck follows.


January 6: Jean-Francois Benoist

January 13: music by Cymber Lilly Quinn

January 20:  Kumu Hula Keala Ching

January 27:  Marilyn O'Leary

February 3:  Shelly Pierson

February 10:

February 17:

February 24:  Jinan (Arnie Wong)

March 3:  Anne Celeste

March 10:

March 17:  Nancy & Errol Shipley-Rubin

April 28:  Dennis & Christy Soares

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Sunday, December 16, 2018
9:45 am to Noon
"Winter Solstice  Ceremony & Drumming Journey"
Presented by Dawn Barnett
December 30, 2018
10 am
The Seven Factors of Awakening
Presented by Michael Donenfeld
with music by Marie Claire
Buddha told his disciples that if practiced diligently The Seven Factors of Awakening can lead to great wisdom and freedom.
The Seven Factors of Awakening will be a great way for us to prepare for the new year.

Michael has been facilitating mindfulness meditation for over twenty years.
Michael Donenfeld resides in Hilo, Hawaii. An artist proficient in several mediums, he has devoted many years to plein air watercolor painting capturing Hawaii’s natural beauty.
Michael has been a practicing Buddhist for over 25 years. He is a lay leader in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Order of Interbeing. He has enjoyed leading sanghas throughout the country and currently leads an online international sangha. 
For the past several years he has enjoyed spending his summers at Blue Cliff Monastery in New York State.
Through daily life and practice of Engaged Buddhism Michael believes he can show others a living example of how mindfulness can be applied to everyday life.

[email protected] & phone is 557-9560
"In The Beginning Was The Word, And The Word Was Law"
Presented by Dennis & Christy Soares
Sunday, 10 am, April 28, 2019
"In the beginning was the word, and the word was law." This translation from verse, that appears in the Bible, is the single most important aspect of being human. Words matter. What we "declare" with our words we almost always "manifest." The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, states that this is the most important agreement. Why are we so cavalier with our words? Why do we so easily engage in gossip? This talk will focus on communication both verbal and non-verbal. Communication can be both inclusive or exclusive. We learn very early how to communicate. While it may seem to be easy to be impeccable with our words (speech) anyone who has seriously tried it for a single day will find this is not so.

Rev. Dennis Soares was born and raised in Kailua, HI. He attended St. Anthony's School, St. Louis, and UH Manoa. In 1972 he embarked on a career as a professional musician performing in Waikiki and all military bases. Dennis relocated in 1980 to N. California where he continued to perform and returned to school earning a BA, MA, and teaching credential. He also met his wife Christy, in college. From 1987-2004 Dennis worked for Stockton Unified School District and also operated a recording studio out of his home. He was ordained as a minister in 2004 through Spiritual Truth Center (related to Unity) From 2004 until the present Dennis and Christy have lived in the Mountain View area where they continue to perform regularly, run a recording studio, and speak at all New Thought Churches on Hawai'i, as well as Unitarian, Mediation Centers, and Civic Clubs like Rotary. He is a four time published author.
Dawn Barnett will lead an experiential program in observance of the winter solstice this week. Participants will go on a shamanic journey, a personal meditative experience which includes a guided visualization and drumbeats of a certain rhythm, intended to induce an altered state of consciousness. Please join us in starting the service with half an hour of community drumming, which begins at 9:45. (Dawn provides some drums and rattles; bring your own if you have them.)

According to Dawn's study of indigenous wisdom, the winter solstice is the ideal time to connect with the archetype of the Inner Warrior, that aspect of ourselves that demonstrates the principle of showing up and choosing to be present. The season supports our ability to access the human resources of power and leadership in a way that always empowers the self and others and is never power over.
Dawn draws from several sources in creating this program: two years of shamanic foundational training with Angeles Arrien, author of several books, including “The Four-Fold Way”; two years of shamanic training, including drum making, with artist and teacher Ellen Fishburn; her training in hypnotherapy with David Quigley and Yukio Hasegawa; and the ceremonial practices of author, teacher and ceremonialist Sedonia Cahill with whom she studied for several months and also did a ten day vision quest in Death Valley, California.