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Sunday, September 14, 2014
10 am
"Art as Medicine: The Use of CREATIVITY for Healing"
with Dr. Kayse Budd
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Kayse Budd will guide us to celebrate and explore one of her favorite topics--CREATIVITY. Specifically, she will be focusing on how creativity and creative modalities (art, music, dance, drama, poetry, etc.) relate to healing and wellness. Creativity is everywhere. It IS life--the spark, the connection to Spirit we all contain. Whether we think of ourselves as artistic or not, we are creative. We are creating in our lives every moment of every day. We can develop our creativity and become conscious of it and precise with it, or we can let it operate under the surface in more subtle ways and expressions. Dr. Budd believes that overtly tapping into our creativity can be healthful and transformational. In fact, simply the process of making art or constructing a poem can be therapeutic, regardless of the quality or content of the creation. In this short talk Dr. Budd will discuss some of the neurobiology behind creativity (ie, what happens in our brains during creative activities), the conneciton between creativity and mental illness, theories for how and why creative activies may be therapeutic, and some of the scientific data that has been collected and recorded about using creative arts for healing purposes. The overall intention of this talk is to inspire others, regardless of ability or predisposition towards art, to dive deeper into themselves, kindle their own creative sparks within, and begin to develop their personal creative self-healing potential.

Dr. Kayse Budd is a holistic psychiatrist, healer, and artist with 20 years experience facilitating therapeutic art experiences with students and patients. Prior to becoming a doctor, Dr. Budd was a passionate amateur artist who loved to teach art and facilitate creative activities with children. While in college at Duke University and medical school at the University of Michigan she founded art therapy programs for children with cancer and their families. In her current work as a holistic psychiatrist she focuses on novel, integrative approaches to mental health that range from actual art and other expressive therapies to dietary changes, herbal remedies, flower essences, psychotherapy, wellness coaching, movement therapies, energy work, vibrational medicine, and more. Dr. Budd previously owned a healing center called "Mystic Mandala Medicine" ( in Tucson, Arizona where her "Art as Medicine" philosophy lived in physical form. While in Tucson she taught for the University of Arizona's Program in Integrative Medicine (directed by Andrew Weil, MD) and the Canyon Ranch Spa. Presently Dr. Budd has taken her practice to almost 100% virtual, meaning she works with most of her clients via online videoconference and phone. For the past two years she has been traveling around Hawaii and the western United States seeing patients, making connections, teaching, sharing, writing, and experiencing. In addition to her focus on creative approaches to healing, Dr. Budd is also passionate about the healing power and potential of nature and the earth herself. She has a personalized retreat practice called "Mana Medicine" ( based on Kauai that is dedicated to 1:1 and group healing + psychotherapy retreats outdoors in nature. 
Dr. Kayse is also offering a workshop in the afternoon.
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