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February 25, 2018
10 am
“My Sacred Relationship with Spiritual Guides and Ancestors" 
Presented by Matthew Bueno
with music by with music by Devora Kalma
Join Matthew Bueno and the Ascended Masters to discover your own individual Divine connection to Source. You will have the opportunity to use the energy of the Masters to clear emotional blockages created by life experiences that lie dormant in your body. These energies block our innate Light and parts of ourselves we want more of in life such as, joy, love, and understanding. 
Together with the Ascended Masters, you will be invited to take a journey within your body to harness the power of love. Parts of yourself which are still unresolved may be dissolved. You may not even be aware you are carrying these parts. 
This will be a Universal Collective Clearing designed to help you receive tools from your own Divine connection. By using these techniques, you can create immense powerful Light supported by the Masters, Hawaii’s Ocean, our ancestors, and the surrounding indigenous energies. 

Meet Matthew Bueno from Mount Shasta CA. 
Matthew has a sacred relationship with his Guides that began to work with him at the young age of 5. He will be sharing stories, spiritual experiences, and Native American Sacred Songs taught to him by his Elders of the Lakota and Karuk Nations. Matthew will share a gentle Channeled meditation by his guides to help those who attend to release any conflicts in the Body, Mind, and spirit.
 Matthew Bueno is a Sun dancer and Pipe carrier of the Lakota Nation. 
 A Metaphysical Instructor, a Massage Therapist, and a Spiritual Counselor for more than 25 years he has been teaching Metaphysics since the early 90’s and have made numerous discoveries with his Guides to create healing for individuals who are seeking intimate connection to their guides and the God of their understanding. 
Helping people realize their own potential and become teachers themselves is his main objective. It is in this knowledge of spiritual awakenings that our children will be drawn into self-discoveries through these Role models and learn to Heal the Earth. 
Matthew has helped many people who are on the healing path from the beginner stage to the very Elite, to walk in their own beauty and discover their own spiritual talents unknown to themselves. Today he still teachings online and in his sacred Space in Mount Shasta CA. 
 It is with this passion that he continues to pass down the teachings of his guides and Elders to others who seek this way of life.
Matthew will be on the Big Island till March 1 and is available for private in-person consultations.
Afternoon workshop with Matthew, see Events page for details
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