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Igniting Miracles in Relationships
Presented by Craig Villarrubia
with music by Vibodha
Sunday, May 27, 2018
10 am
Potluck Luncheon follows service
Join A Course in Miracles teacher Craig Villarrubia for a talk on relationships and how they can be used as a means to Spiritual Awakening. Relationships are the cornerstone of our experience in this world. Seen from the perspective of ego, relationships are used to perpetuate the experience of separation, conflict and suffering. However, when seen through the eyes of Holy Spirit and forgiveness, they offer the most powerful tool to self realization. Gather with friends and our o`hana at New Thought Center as we dive deep into topic of relationships and how to transform them into Holy encounters that inspire miracles.

Craig says: "For most of my life I searched for love and joy in the acquisition of material things, relationships and circumstances. Despite moments of success, nothing fulfilled me at the core. It would take multiple experiences with failed relationships, addictions and set backs before realizing that what I was looking for could never be found outside of me. With peace, love, and joy being my aim, and A Course in Miracles the tool at hand, I went on a journey within to discover truth. I’ve since found myself in the midst of an awakening.

I was about two thirds into A Course in Miracles when I was suddenly showered in what can be best described as Love. There was a shift in identification from me as Craig into a sea of wholeness and a recognition that I AM Love. Up until this experience, the concept of wholeness was just philosophy. That said, the experience added nothing “new” but rather exposed what had previously been obscured. It was as if the veil, that separated my awareness from the truth, had now been lifted. I felt a deep love and connection with everything. I no longer felt separate or identified with the body, definition-less awareness was all that I knew.

With a commitment to deepen that experience and completely undo the limited self-concept, my ministry is Love. Desiring only what is true, my devotion is to exposing and experiencing anything that obscures the recognition and reality of my true identity. This site and the teachings I extend serve as an invitation to join and share in that purpose.

If you want to learn more about my “story” with the Course, I encourage you to download my FREE e-book. Here I share more about A Course In Miracles and the Course’s overarching principles.

In addition, I welcome you to check my documentary A Course in Miracles – Enlightenment or Bust!"
“Love holds no grievances.” 

― Helen Schucman, A Course in Miracles: The Text, The Workbook, The Manual for Teachers