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Sunday, September 27, 2020
10 am
"Expansion in Times of Contraction, 
Craniosacral Conversations with our Bodies"
presented by Presented by Geneviève Brunet
with music by Devora Kalma

This will be an in person presentation on the lanai
 simultaneously Live on You Tube
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Thought for the Week
Sunday, March 1, 2020
10 am
"Cultivating Authentic Connection in Our Relationships"
presented by Lynn Lesh
with music by Rich Franklin
Afternoon Workshop (see events page)
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Until one has loved an animal, a part of
one's soul remains unawakened. 
~ Anatole France
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“In all the fields I move I am always amazed by all the journeys we can make within the body. When we go deeper inside we connect with this infinite space of inner wisdom, when we dare to listen to all the subtle messages our bodies want to tell us”.

Craniosacral movement allows us coming back to a vast space where maximum freedom of movement is possible again.

We have this amazing system in our body where there is this wave of expansion and coming back inwards towards the midline, expanding and coming back, on and on. This is a never ending movement where our body is able to open up, our bones unfold, our issues release, there is more and more space and we can relax. They call this also our 3rd primary Life function of our body, the breath of our brain and nervous system.

Whenever something happens in our surroundings, it can be something big like now with the Covid and everything around it, an inner stressor, health issues or emotions, an outer stressor, like a negative remark of someone, or anything that our brain perceives as danger, our system goes in contraction. Our bones get stuck in an inward direction, our issue lightens up, probably our heart feels tense, maybe our tailbone even stops moving, the place of security and safety. This can reflect on different places in our body where we experience pain or tension. We get pain in our back, our neck or even our head.

If we allow ourselves to take a moment to connect with our body, there is so much what wants to be said from inside out. When we talk directly to an organ, to our heart, our belly or even to our sacrum or our brain, we notice that the body wants to talk, wants to reveal its secrets, wants to share with us and wants us to listen. And when we talk back our body can relax in a deeper way, coming back to its midline and it feels heard and understood.
We will engage in a meditation, where we take a moment for this ‘body-connection’. We listen to which places need attention and what they want to share with us. Can we invite ourselves to this moment of connecting with ourselves, our own body in a deeper way? Join Geneviève Brunet in an experience of merging into the deeper space of your body and in the energy field of this presence together. We will go there through a guided meditation and an introductory talk about the Craniosacral System. Which place in you is being touched by a small glimpse of this body-connection? What does your body wants to share with you? Which sensations are being felt? What does it bring to listen on a deeper level while being present with the ‘world of your body’?

Geneviève has been practicing Craniosacral Therapy for over 15 years. She started with Rebalancing massage 22 years ago. After that she switched to Craniosacral Therapy, completed the 4 year education at the Craniosacral Therapy Academy and graduated as a Craniosacral Therapist. After moving to Hawaii 5 years ago, she became a Licensed massage therapist for the state of Hawaii. Geneviève loves the deeper world of what the body wants to reveal, she believes highly in the self-healing capacity of the body and she has a passion for exploring the infinite depths of the vast field of the body and beyond.

Besides being a Craniosacral Therapist Geneviève has also a master in Clinical Health Psychology (Psy.D), she has passionately been practicing and teaching the Gurdjieff movements for over 10 years and she is a Mindfulness trainer as well. Geneviève has recorded a few CD’s with Craniosacral Mindfulness meditations (in Dutch), which will need to be re-recorded in English. Geneviève has an ongoing Gurdjieff movements group at her Healing Temple in Ocean View, Ka’u, where she lives together with her husband Dan and their 3 cats. She loves the Ocean & its inhabitants, is deeply involved in Hula and has a love for Hawaiian culture. For more information about Craniosacral Therapy or sessions: [email protected] or

Please see below for guidelines to attend the service in person.
This will also be live on YouTube at 10am and later the recording will be available.