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The Fruits of Rudolf Steiner's Spiritual Research

presented by 
Phil Centers

Music by
Darby Partner
Phil Centers has been a student of Rudolf Steiner and his cosmology since 1980. Phil is also a lifelong student of multiple other spiritual perspectives, including New Thought, A Course in Miracles, the Toltec mysteries, Taoism, and Hinduism. He is currently a writer; communication, relationship, and family coach; and a community development consultant. Prior to  retirement, he worked for many years as a teacher and administrator at several Waldorf schools, including Kona Pacific Public Charter School, which implements many principles of the Waldorf educational philosophy.

This will be Phil’s third New Thought presentation on Rudolf Steiner. For those who missed the earlier talks, here is some background material to provide context for this Sunday’s sharing.

Many have heard of Rudolf Steiner, often in connection with the international Waldorf educational movement which he founded. But few seem to know his significant contributions to the modern spiritual movement. Fewer still have actually read Steiner or are students of his unique perspective on the cosmos.

Steiner emerged as a leading figure in the European spiritual movement in the late 1800s at a time when the great spiritual movements that emerged in the 19th century in America: Transcendentalism, Spiritualism, and New Thought, were undergoing core transformations. From the time Steiner went public with the results of his spiritual research in 1902 until his death in 1925 there was almost always a stenographer present to record the treasures that Steiner was offering to humanity.

This resulted in the 354 volumes of Steiner’s complete works, the most prolific output of any spiritual researcher in modern history. Steiner’s spiritual research, which became known as Anthroposophy or Spiritual Science, touches on all aspects of the spiritual, physical, and social worlds, from cosmic evolution to the spiritual beings, progressive and regressive, inhabiting the universe with us, and the destiny of humanity and of the Earth which are playing out precisely as Steiner foresaw 100 years ago.

​ Phil Centers is pleased to be able to share an introduction to Rudolf Steiner’s life and works with the friends of the New Thought Center of Hawaii this Sunday.


This talk will provide a brief description of some of the practical fruits that have flowed out of Steiner’s spiritual research, such as life between death and new birth, Waldorf education, the Threefold Social Order, Biodynamic agriculture, Anthroposophical medicine, Christology, and a renewal of the arts.